Who We Are

Established in 1996, Elite Sports Analysis has developed into the world leader in the field of Performance Analysis consultancy. Our team of consultants work with coaches, athletes and teams at the top level in a wide range of sports around the world.

At ESA we recognize the crucial role that Performance Analysis has to play in the development of our players and teams. Research has shown that providing accurate feedback to our athletes/players is the key factor when trying to bring about improvement in performance.

Through integrating the latest advances in computer and video technology, we have developed a powerful range of analysis tools that support us in this task. The ability to quickly access and view interactive video clips of specific aspects of performance and link these to statistical analysis has proven invaluable to coaches and players.

We believe that coaches at all levels should have the opportunity to integrate this vital analysis capability into their programs. Several analysis systems have appeared on the market over the last 2-3 years but unfortunately have been priced well beyond the budgets of the vast majority of coaches. Elite Sports Analysis has therefore taken the decision to release our powerful analysis tools for sale to coaches for the first time … and at a price that will appeal to ALL coaches.