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The Focus range is based around the core product - Focus X2 - which gives you notational based performance analysis. Focus X3 adds technical analysis, allowing you to zoom in on detailed issues identified using Focus X2. You can also enhance the way you use Focus X2 by adding Voice Control.

All the Focus products are available for download. After you have downloaded and installed, the product is activated by a license code supplied by Elite Sports Analysis. With X2 and X3 you can request a free trial license code that lasts for 15 days, and we encourage you to try Focus in your environment. After purchase the license activation code is changed to fully enable Focus: you do not have to download again and all data created during the trial period is retained.

Focus X2

Performance Analysis

Enhance your coaching effectiveness by integrating our powerful performance analysis software into your coaching program. This dynamic tool provides you with invaluable, real-time and post-game analysis capabilities. Focus X2 lets you identify problems, instantly view aspects of performance and measure improvement. You will be able to assess performance in a more effective and efficient way than ever before.


View your team performance in detail

Focus on key aspects of play…

The interactive viewer gives you instant access to video clips of any specific aspect of performance. For example, as a basketball coach, you may want to look more closely at all of your team's shooting opportunities that resulted from quick transition. The software provides you with a list of these examples and, by simply selecting an event, Focus X2 takes you to exactly that point in the game video. By using the advanced video controls you can then move through the video and analyse your team's performance.

Focus on individual performance…

The interactive viewer also allows you to assess performance at an individual level. For example, you may want to assess the performance of your point guard within specific 'out of bounds' plays. Again using the interactive filter, you can select and instantly view each relevant occasion in the game.


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Capture key events of play

Focus on capturing information…

Designing Categories

Through the simple category design tool you can quickly create a category set that will allow you to record information on any aspect of performance. You can include as many categories and category options as necessary.

Capturing Video

The software allows direct capture of digital or analogue (standard VHS) video. You have the choice of downloading the footage 'live' or at a more convenient time after the game. You can also use video brought onto you PC from other sources or given to you on disk.

Entering Game Data

Focus X2 allows you to quickly and efficiently enter information on performance either real-time (during the play itself) or when you have more time after the game.

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Review and analyse performance

Focus on reviewing performance…

The software allows you to interactively view key aspects of performance. By selecting from your category set you can use the interactive viewer to instantly access chosen video clips. By clicking on an event, the viewer takes you to the exact point in the video where the action took place.

A simple results grid gives you access to crucial statistical information on performance, providing an excellent guide when deciding which clips to view.


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Present performance highlights

Focus on presentations…

Whether you need to quickly provide feedback during a game or create a season wide highlight tape, Focus X2 lets you quickly move to the correct video clips and display or store the video sequences.

Focus on statistics…

Based on the events stored in your project, Focus X2 provides customizable statistical information about the aspects of the game that you have identified as being important.

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