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The Focus range is based around the core product - Focus X2 - which gives you notational based performance analysis. Focus X3 adds technical analysis, allowing you to zoom in on detailed issues identified using Focus X2. You can also enhance the way you use Focus X2 by adding Voice Control.

All the Focus products are available for download. After you have downloaded and installed, the product is activated by a license code supplied by Elite Sports Analysis. With X2 and X3 you can request a free trial license code that lasts for 15 days, and we encourage you to try Focus in your environment. After purchase the license activation code is changed to fully enable Focus: you do not have to download again and all data created during the trial period is retained.

Focus X3

Technical Analysis

Performance analysis often identifies aspects such as athlete technique that need improvement. Focus X3 allows you to zoom in on these technical aspects in detail. Up to four views can be seen, giving you the same performance from different angles or comparing good and bad examples with a model performance. You can also draw, annotate and make measurements on images to create instructional or motivational diagrams.

Focus X3 showing soccer free kick techniqueSetup from 1 to 4 video clips: you can view the same performance from different angles, compare good or bad examples or show your athlete next to a model performance.



Focus X3 showing a swim start from two anglesPlay the video with full control over speed and the syncronisation of each clip so you see exactly the right detail. Set markers to show critical points that you want to see again in the future.


Focus X3 showing an annotated swim startSelect a key frame and use drawing tools to mark up the image and measure angles and distances. The annotated images can be used to measure change and improvement or as good/bad examples to
motivate your athletes.


The power, simplicity, and ease of use puts the Focus Series at the centre of our analysis provision.
Michael Bourne, Performance Analyst, English Institute of Sport.

The Focus software played a central role in my preparation and progress before and during the Athens Olympics.
Amir Khan (Olympic silver medallist ­ Boxing).